2022/23 upper deck series 1 young guns checklist

2023/24 Upper Deck Series 1 Young Guns Checklist

Here it is!! The much anticipated and refreshed 2023/24 Upper Deck Series 1 Young Guns Checklist. After Upper Deck announced changes to the series for the first time in 20 years excitement started building for the release of this years batch of Young Guns Rookie Cards. No there is no Connor Bedard or Logan Cooley (hello February and 2023/24 Upper Deck Series 2) but there are a lot of exciting rookies in the set.

Have look at the 2022/23 Young Guns Checklist:

201 Matthew Coronato, Calgary Flames
202 Vincent Desharnais, Edmonton Oilers
203 Joona Koppanen, Boston Bruins
204 Yaroslav Askarov, Nashville Predators
205 Jonathan Gruden, Pittsburgh Penguins
206 William Dufour, New York Islanders
207 Jaxson Stauber, Chicago Blackhawks
208 Jakob Pelletier, Calgary Flames
209 Samuel Bolduc, New York Islanders
210 Dustin Wolf, Calgary Flames
211 Milos Kelemen, Arizona Coyotes
212 Ridly Greig, Ottawa Senators
213 Will Cuylle, New York Rangers
214 Owen Beck, Montreal Canadiens
215 Brock Faber, Minnesota Wild
216 Cole Guttman, Chicago Blackhawks
217 Arnaud Durandeau, New York Islanders
218 David Gust, Chicago Blackhawks
219 Elliot Desnoyers, Philadelphia Flyers
220 Drew Helleson, Anaheim Ducks
221 Luke Evangelista, Nashville Predators
222 Matthew Knies, Toronto Maple Leafs
223 Tristen Robins, San Jose Sharks
224 Vincent Iorio, Washington Capitals
225 Tyson Foerster, Philadelphia Flyers
226 Egor Afanasyev, Nashville Predators
227 Jiri Patera, Vegas Golden Knights
228 Simon Edvinsson, Detroit Red Wings
229 Wyatt Kaiser, Chicago Blackhawks
230 Nikita Nesterenko, Anaheim Ducks
231 Hunter McKown, Columbus Blue Jackets
232 Aidan McDonough, Vancouver Canucks
233 Lukas Rousek, Buffalo Sabres
234 Sean Farrell, Montreal Canadiens
235 Tyler Kleven, Ottawa Senators
236 Henry Thrun, San Jose Sharks
237 Devon Levi, Buffalo Sabres
238 Spencer Stastney, Nashville Predators
239 Daniil Gushchin, San Jose Sharks
240 Matthew Kessel, St. Louis Blues
241 Marco Kasper, Detroit Red Wings
242 Akito Hirose, Vancouver Canucks
243 Adam Ginning, Philadelphia Flyers
244 Cole McWard, Vancouver Canucks
245 Jake Livingstone, Nashville Predators
246 Jet Greaves, Columbus Blue Jackets
247 Leevi Merilainen, Ottawa Senators
248 Luke Hughes, New Jersey Devils
249 Olle Eriksson Ek, Anaheim Ducks
250 Luke Hughes / Matthew Knies, New Jersey Devils / Toronto Maple Leafs – Checklist

And as part of the new refresh, a list of all new Young Guns parallels:


Outburst Silver – (All Silver – 1:30 hobby, 1:30 e-Pack, 1:90 retail, 1:90 blaster, 1:90 tin, 1:90 hanger)
Clear Cut – (1:144 hobby)
Deluxe – /250 (hobby and e-Pack only)
Exclusives – /100 (hobby and e-Pack only)
Outburst Red – /25 (hobby and e-Pack only)
High Gloss – /10 (hobby and e-Pack only)
Outburst Gold – 1/1 (hobby and e-Pack only)

Some great rookies on the list with huge upside including Luke Hughes, Dustin Wolf, Devon Levi, Owen Beck, Matthew Knies, Yaroslav Askarov,  Matthew Coronato, Ridly Greig and Will Cuylle.

2022/23 Upper Deck Series 1 releases on October 18th both in store and online here.

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