The Basics Of Grading Your Sports and Trading Cards From Canada

The Basics Of Grading Your Sports and Trading Cards From Canada

Sports and trading card collectors have been grading their cards for years. This is a way to assess the condition of their card and determine its exchange and/or sale value.

Here are the basics Canadian collectors should know about grading sports and trading cards.


What is Sports Card or Trading Card Grading?

Card grading is a process that evaluates the condition of the sports card to determine its value. Cards are evaluated according to various criteria, such as the condition of the surface, the condition of the edges, the condition of the corners, and the presence of errors and defects. These factors are weighed to determine an overall grade for the card.


Why Grade Sports and Trading Cards?

Sports card grading is important for Canadian collectors, as it helps them determine the value of their cards. This is especially important for higher-value cards. Grading cards also helps collectors determine the condition and authenticity of their cards, which helps them protect their investment.


Where to Grade Sports or Trading Cards?

There are several card grading companies in Canada. These companies offer professional grading services that allow collectors to send in their cards for evaluation and receive a grading certificate.

Although Canada has grading companies, the most receognized and reputable grading companies (also the ones that carry the biggest re-sale value) are in the United States. They are PSA, SGC and BGS (Beckett).

These means to grade your cards with these companies you have to deal with exchange rates, import and export fees and cross-border shipping rates. This can be a gigantic hassle. That why we developed our own grading and tracking application. We wanted to help Canadian Collectors get their cards graded with the best grading companies in the world, without any of the hassles. You can learn more here. 


How Much Does it Cost to Grade Sports Cards?

Prices for grading sports cards in Canada vary between different services. Generally, collectors pay a single fee for each card to be evaluated. This fee can range from $5 to $100 or more, depending on the grading company, the grading service selected and the overall value of the card once it's graded.


What are the Benefits of Grading Your Cards?

Grading sports cards offers many benefits to Canadian collectors. Grading cards helps them determine the value of their cards, allowing them to make better offers when buying or selling cards. Grading also helps collectors understand the condition of their cards, which helps them protect their investment.

Canadian collectors should know how to grade their sports cards to get the fair value. 

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