Vancouver Area In-Person Drop Off Card Grading Submissions

Grade your Sports and Trading Cards with PSA, SGC and BGS.

Our hassle-free and clear process helps you get the highest grade possible for your cards.



We will be at the Executive Plaza Hotel in Coquitlam accepting in person submissions for PSA, SGC and Beckett.

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In Person Card Grading Process

Easy, Cost Effective and Designed To Get Your Cards The Highest Grades Possible.

Submit Card Details

Save yourself time by entering your card details into our system and then print and bring these forms with you along with your cards. Don't want the hassle? No problem, just bring us your cards and we'll do the rest for you. Everything is designed to be hassle-free.

Drop Off Your Cards

Come meet us in the Maple Room at the Executive Plaza Hotel in Coquitlam. Our team will be there to accept your cards and answer any questions you have.

Grading Prep

We review, clean, prepare and package your cards. We supply all required sleeves, holders and packaging.

Ship to Grader

We cover the cost of shipping to and from the grading company including any import or customs fees that may apply.

Keep You Updated

We know your collection is important to you. We value you trusting us with your cards. We'll make sure you know where your cards are every step of the way.

Return Your Cards

Once your cards are graded we'll email you an invoice. You pay nothing upfront except the cost of getting the cards to us.

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Grade With The Best

We are Canada's top choice for card grading.

We've built the most advanced card grading and tracking web application available. All with the goal of making card grading from Canada as easy, hassle-free and cost-effective as possible for you.

We accept all types of cards for grading including hockey cards, pokemon cards, baseball cards, basketball cards, football cards, magic cards and more!

How To Submit Your Cards For Grading

“Grading my cards with Pro Shop Sports was one of the best decisions I've made for my collection. It was super easy and they kept me updated the whole time. I'm sending them more cards right now.”

- Mark Watson, Hockey Card Collector, Toronto
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Increase The Value Of Your Collection

Everything we do is done with the upmost care to help your cards get the highest grade possible.

  • I graded 11 Pokemon cards with Pro Shop Sports and PSA. I got nine 10's and 9! Thank you!

    - Tony, Pokemon Card Collector, Vancouver

  • I got a bunch of my Hockey Young Guns graded with PSA and SGC. The whole process with Pro Shop Sports was easy. I will definitely send in more cards.

    - Elviss, Hockey and Other Sportscards, Edmonton

  • I have no idea why grading cards with big US companies from Canada is so hard and so mysterious. I'm happy to be able to get them done through Pro Shop Sports.

    - Chris, Collector of Everything, Ottawa

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Card Grading Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of cards I can send to Pro Shop Sports?

No. There is no minimum. This is one of the biggest benefits of grading your cards through us. You get bulk pricing without having to send your entire collection.

How Do I Know The Graded Value of My Card Before It's Graded?

This is the annoying part! It sucks to have to know the graded value prior to grading but unfortuantely that's how most grading companies operate.

They're advice, is to give it your best estimate, based on the condition of your card, and comparable sales at that graded level.

If it's close, round down. If you're way off on your estimate, we'll catch before it goes out for grading and let you know. If we miss it, the grading company we'll sometimes up-sell you to the appropriately level. This typically only happens if you're way off base, trying to grade a Level 10 card at a Level 1 pricing level.

Doens't It Cost A Lot To Send My Cards To You?

Not at all! This is a common mistake. You can send as many as 10 cards or more anywhere in Canada for as little as $2.

Now if you want to add tracking or insurance on top of that, the price can increase but it can still be done for about $10.

This price has to be part of your overall decision to grade a card but more often the value of your graded card will cover these costs.

Where Do I Ship My Cards? How Do I Get You My Cards?

Ship your cards or drop them by the shop at:

Pro Shop Sports
9685 Highway 97 #109
Lake Country, BC V4V 1P5

Does Pro Shop Sports Grade My Cards?

No we don't. We send your cards to the most reputable grading companies available including PSA, SGC and BGS.

We operate as a bulk submission company and combine your cards with other customers cards and our own cards, to help everyone get the best prices available. Plus we take care of all the hassles that come with dealing with grading companies.

How does pricing work?

There are many factors that come into pricing. These include card value, shipping costs, turnaround time, the Canadian vs US Dollar and supply costs just to name a few. We do our best to ensure we providing the most cost effective and hassle-free process as possible.

All of our prices are in Canadian Dollars and include gently cleaning and wiping your card, providing all sleeves / cases, covering all shipping costs to and from the grading company and any import or customs fees.

See our most up to date card grading prices here.

How Do you Ship My Cards Back To Me?

We typically use UPS or Canada Post for all our shipments and all shipments include tracking and insurance.

If you would like your cards shipped through another provider please contact us to confirm pricing and availability.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship My Cards Back To Me Once They're Graded?

The cost to return your cards to you is typically in the $15-$2 range.

This amount is important to keep in mind when deciding how many cards to grade in one submission becuase the cost of return shipping doesn't change much whether you're grading 1 card or 30 cards.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Cards Graded?

Like pricing there are many factors that control how long it takes to grade your cards.

The turnaround times we list are estimates provided by the grading companies.

Generally speaking, there are pricing and service levels available to get your cards graded in as little as 3 days plus shipping times to and from Canada.

Can You Help Me Grade A Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card?

Gretzky rookie's are a great card and we're happy to help you get it graded.

That card is a little tricky because the final graded value varies so greatly depending on the grade. The majority of Gretzky Rookies tend to grade in the 2-6 range, which gives a final graded value of anywhere between $800-$6500. The fee to grade a card in that range is anywhere from $115 to $500. When we submit your card to the grading company we usually go right in the middle of that range fee wise. From there, the grading company will grade it and assess the final graded value. If we're way off on price level they will up-sell you to the correct level.