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2020/21 UD SP Signature Edition Legends Hockey Hobby - NHL

2020/21 UD SP Signature Edition Legends Hockey Hobby - NHL

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  • 5 Cards Per Pack
  • 18 Packs Per Box

BOX BREAK (on average)

4 UD Canvas Legends Cards
3 Dominant Digits Cards
3 Evolve, Life After Hockey and/or Behind the Boards Cards
3 Base Set - Gold Foil Parallel Cards
At Least 2 Autograph Cards
At Least 1 Profiles Bounty Card
1 Rare Hit Card


• With the largest checklist of retired legends the market has seen in years, a bevy of hard-signed autographs, and an impressive bounty program featuring 1-of-1 hard-signed bounty award cards from eight of the greatest players in the history of the sport, SP Signature Edition Legends will be tough to keep in stock.

• Collect the massive 451-card Base Set consisting of 300 regular cards, 50 SP cards, 100 serially-#’d All-Time Future Watch Auto cards and one All-Time Future Watch Mystery Bonus card #’d to 199! Keep an eye out for Gold Foil and hard-signed Gold Spectrum Foil Auto parallels of the regular and SP cards!

• Also collect a number of incredible insert sets. Here is a brief summary of most of the available sets:

’97 Legends Signatures: Collect the next 100 cards (AL-161 - AL-260) of this living set. Every card features a hard-signed autograph!

Century Legends: This set consists of four subsets - Signatures, Dual Signatures, Triple Signatures and Quad Signatures. The Signatures cards each feature a hard-signed autograph while the rare Dual, Triple and Quad cards - all #’d to 49 or less - boast label autos and incredible pairings!

UD Canvas Legends: This pairing of a legendary UD insert set with legendary players will create a buzz among collectors. There is also a hard-signed parallel set that will be coveted by all!

Dominant Digits: Some players are so well-known that everyone knows their jersey number. This three-sided die-cut set features these players and their jersey number. Keep an eye out for Gold Foil and hard-signed Gold Foil Auto parallels!

Evolve: Each card sports three photos of the player - one from the early years (rookie season, where possible), one from the middle years, and one from the final years (final season, where possible). In addition to the regular set, collect the Gold Foil (#’d to 99) and hard-signed Silver Spectrum Foil Auto (#’d to 35) parallel sets.

Behind the Boards: The checklist is comprised of players that have become coaches. Collect all three sets: regular, Gold Foil (#’d to 50) and Silver Spectrum Foil Auto (hard-signed and #’d to 25)!

Decagons: A three-sided die-cut set highlighting the decade most associated with each player. Keep an eye out for hard-signed Gold Auto parallels!

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