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2022 Leaf Art of Hockey

2022 Leaf Art of Hockey

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  • 4 Cards Per Pack


Like most of their offerings for the sport, every card in 2022 Leaf Art of Hockey is either an autograph or memorabilia card. However, it’s all wrapped together in the theme of, well, art. From original pieces made for the set to insert themes, the masters act as inspiration for both subjects and designs.

Similar to 2021 Leaf Art of Sport, the checklist includes a mix legends, superstars and names not seen in a lot of products. It also spans multiple generations of the game.

Base Autographs include hand-drawn images and come surrounded by intricate foil frames. Players have two cards, a portrait and an action shot, not to mention multiple levels of parallels.

Other signature themes include Art of a Champion, Imagestic and Walk on Water.

Visual Art cards bring an autographed memorabilia element to the checklist.

Multi-signature themes are showcased in Iconography, The Rule of 3 and Quadography.

Several of the product’s memorabilia cards deliver in quantity when it comes to swatches.

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