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2021/22 SP Game Used Hockey Hobby - NHL

2021/22 SP Game Used Hockey Hobby - NHL

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  • 6 Cards Per Pack
  • 1 Pack Per Box


SP Game Used Hockey is back with an abundance of event- and game-used memorabilia!

Look for cards featuring banner (including auto & auto jersey versions), net cord and/or puck material from the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs and the 2021 Lake Tahoe Games, as well as game-used jersey swatches, patches and tags.

This year’s edition sports a 200-card Base Set consisting of star veterans, legends and rookies. The set breaks down as follows (subject to change):

Base Set (1-100) | Authentic Legends (101-120) | Authentic Rookies (121-200)

Each card is serially-#’d to the player’s jersey number and the jersey-#’d card (e.g. 97/97) features an autograph!

Collect an array of incredible parallels as well, highlighted by a number of autograph, memorabilia and autograph & memorabilia parallels. Please see the “Product Breakdown” below for the complete lineup.

Search for a new wave of Draft Day Marks cards featuring veterans #’d to 10 and rookies #’d to 35 (per manufactured letter). Additionally, each letter sports a hard-signed autograph. Also look for rare, hard-signed Stanley Cup Letterman Signatures cards #’d to 35 (per manufactured letter) and featuring Cup-winning players. Collect the full manufactured nameplate of each player in each set!

The always-popular Supreme Patches cards, featuring massive game-used patches and #’d to just 15, will be a valuable addition to any collection. Keep an eye out for even rarer Supreme Materials Variant cards.

Many more of the SP Game Used insert sets fans and collectors have come to know and love are back, including Inked Sweaters, Rookie Blends, Authentic Fabrics, Frameworks and Tonight’s Lineup!

NEW! 2021-22 SP Game Used Hockey also hosts three exciting new insert sets:

Purity: Features star veterans, rookies and legends on a unique tech design. Look for Gold (#’d to 150), Platinum (#’d to 35) and Autograph (#’d as low as 5!) parallels.

Embroidered: This set consist of two subsets: Embroidered in History, which features legends and star veterans alongside a manufactured patch which corresponds to a notable milestone or award, and Embroidered Draft Picks, which features rookies alongside a manufactured patch which corresponds to their draft position. Look for low-#’d autograph versions of both subsets!

’03-’04 Retro Rookie/’05-’06 Retro Rookie: Each set features top rookies on a classic SP Game Used design (and not necessarily a classic SPGU Hockey design!). Collect both the regular sets and the low-#’d Gold parallel sets. 

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